Virtual Meeting 2021


May 31st – June 2nd


Martin Nawrot & Gaia Tavosanis


The insect mushroom body has been established early on as a brain circuit for learning, memory formation and memory recall with groundbreaking work, especially in the honeybee and in the fruit fly. Decades of research have unearthed the central importance and broad functionality of the mushroom body with respect to multimodal sensory integration, sparse encoding, prediction error schemes, and navigation in a variety of different model species. Our mechanistic understanding of mushroom body function has deepened tremendously, driven by advances in the detailed anatomical reconstruction of its circuits and microcircuits, improved imaging techniques, optogenetic manipulation techniques, and novel computational approaches. With the description of fundamental neural computations and principles of neural plasticity underlying learning and memory, the mushroom body has become paradigmatic also for vertebrate studies. This meeting will provide a forum for the mushroom body community and beyond to share a broad range of exciting emerging aspects of mushroom body development, plasticity, function, and computation.


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